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Why Social Dancing?

Stay Active in a Fun Way!

Social Dancing is a Creative Way to Burn Calories and Tone Muscles, While Having Fun!

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Do Something Fun On Weekends

Social Dancing is a door-opener to upbeat social events in/around our St Louis counties!

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Bachata Dancing Classes

Bachata is a popular and expressive Latin dance originating in the Domnican Republic that is typically danced side to side with hip movements.

Bachata is usually danced in a closer position to slower, romantic music with more sensual body movements.

Lets Dance at the Mocktail Lounge

Our Community Mixer at the Mocktail Lounge is a free, social dance that includes Line Dance, Swing & Latin Dance lessons.

Salsa Dancing Classes

Salsa is an energetic, fast & popular Latin dance originating in the countries of Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba and neighborhoods of New York.

Salsa is typically danced forward & backward along a line or slot and it features intricate turn-patterns and spins.

Swing Dancing Classes

Swing dancing is a fun, versatile easy social dance for beginners that was originally danced to Jazz music and includes kicks and/or spins.

Line Dancing Classes & Events

Learn easy + fun line dance steps that you can do on your own or with others, to a wide variety of music at country or western bars, social events, weddings and even parties!

Hire US

Social Dancing helps people connect in a fun way! Contact us to lead, organize or teach a social dance at your event (bar, office, party, restaurant or venue).