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Saint Louis Salsa Beginners Dance Classes

Who Is the Beginners Salsa Dance Classes For?

This class is for you, if you live in/around St Louis, St Charles & neighboring Illinois cities and are also interested in learning or practicing Beginner-Level Salsa dance moves!

What's Different About Salsa Dancing?

  • → Salsa is danced world-wide as one of the most popular Latin dances. Salsa is energetic, fun, fast and our beginners Salsa basics class is the place and time to get started!
  • → The roots of Salsa dancing can be traced to the countries of Colombia, Puerto Rico and Cuba from where it arrived at the clubs and neighborhoods of New York.
  • → There are different styles of Salsa including Cuban Salsa, Cali / Colombian Salsa, New York Mambo Salsa (On-2) and Los Angeles (LA) Salsa (On-1).

Why Should I Take Your Salsa Classes ?

  • Taking our Salsa classes is a good way to burn calories and stay active while having fun!
  • Salsa lessons will also help you with the other Social Dancing classes that we offer including Swing & Bachata .
  • Our Salsa classes are uber-affordable, easy to follow and are also designed for beginners like you ... with little or no Salsa dancing experience!

How Do Your Salsa Classes Work?

Fun + Supportive Class
You learn in a relaxed and supportive environment which makes dancing fun!

Focus On The Basics
You focus on the basics or core modules so that you can understand, retain and grow your dancing skills.

Built-in Practice Time
You're given time to practice each new move because we know it's not always easy to practice at home or by yourself!

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