Dance → Socialize → Have Fun

What Would Happen at This Event?

The Social Dancing will start at 7:00 PM and end around 10:00 PM and will feature Beginner-Friendly lessons on Social Dances like ...
  • → Bachata (Latin) Dancing
  • → Line & Social Dancing
Dance on Friday

Who Should RSVP for this Event ?

This event offers dancing lessons so beginners, singles, couples or anyone who is interested in an evening of fun, will fit right-in and feel welcome!
⤹ And So, RSVP even if ⤸

Friday Night Community Dancing in St Louis

How Will This Work?

Dancing Lessons?
Social dancing lessons are included and so, if you're a complete beginner or you are interested in learning some new dance moves, RSVP!

Singles or Couples?
Singles and couples are welcome. Those without partners will partner-up with other guys & gals at the event

Mingle or Hangout?
Bring your friends, family or anyone interested in meeting new people or doing something fun or just hanging out to music at a cool bar, even if they are not into dancing!

  • → RSVP is Required

  • → Tickets are Uber-Affordable

  • → Spots are Filling Up

Friday Night Community Dancing in St Louis