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Mingle & Dance at Mid Rivers Mall on Saturday

Who Is This Event For?

If you live in/around St Louis, St Charles & neighboring Illinois and you are also interested in mingling, connecting or social dancing with others in your community, then, this event is for you!
Saturday Social Dancing in St. Charles

What Would Happen at This Event?

The Social Dancing will start at 4:30 PM and end around 7:30 PM and will also include Beginner-Friendly Lessons on Social Dances Like ...
Mingle, Dance & Hangout
  • → Swing Dancing
  • → Bachata (Latin) Dancing
  • → Salsa (Latin) Dancing
  • → Line Dancing
  • → Freestyle & Party Dancing

Who Should RSVP for this Event ?

This event offers dancing lessons so beginners, singles, couples or anyone who is interested in an evening of fun, will fit right-in and feel welcome!
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Everyone Is Welcome
RSVP if you want to learn or practice beginner / basic dance moves in a friendly + fun event!

How Will This Work?

Dancing Lessons?
Social dancing lessons are included and so, if you're a complete beginner or you are interested in learning some new dance moves, RSVP!

Singles or Couples?
Singles and couples are welcome. Those without partners will partner-up with other guys & gals at the event

Mingle or Hangout?
Bring your friends, family or anyone interested in meeting new people or doing something fun or just hanging out to music at a cool bar, even if they are not into dancing!

Let's Dance at Mid Rivers Mall

Let's mingle & dance on Saturday at Simply Delightful's 5000 sq ft. event space ↓
Simply Delightful Events by Kay plans and hosts bridal parties, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and anniversary parties ...
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  • → RSVP is Required
  • → Seats are Limited
  • → Tickets are Uber-Affordable
  • → Spots are Filling Up
Mingle & Dance at Mid Rivers Mall